photography for the modern aspirant

A photograph lets you communicate a thought, statement or idea in ways that words just can’t. Our world is moving faster than ever. So much information comes our way that it’s often hard to choose what you want to dedicate your attention to or what information you can trust. Personal Branding and Event Photography offers you a customized and creative way to showcase your brand by capturing imagery that is filled with power, emotion & story in the most honest way possible. This allows you to stand out from the crowd, inspire, connect and build trust with your audience.

Photo of headshot photographer Jamie Pohjamie in a nutshell

My career in photography began in 2009 after graduating from the Art Institute of Vancouver's Digital Film & Video program. In the first 8 years, I grew my experience in the wedding photography industry where my love for more of a photojournalistic style grew.

With this experience, I combine storytelling and a human approach to my corporate work and produce photographs that are creative and full of emotion. More on the artist.


getting to know you

Having a great relationship with my clients is important to me. I encourage that we hop on a quick phone call to chat about your session or event.


design session

I work with you to determine the exact brand style and shot list that you need for your session or event through a questionnaire or planning session



We live in a digital world. All your final deliverables are completed online and are easily accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

get in touch

The best way for me to understand what you're looking for is to schedule a phone call so we can chat about it. Spots are limited so be sure to book early!

Jamie Poh is a nationally accredited event and personal branding photographer in Burnaby, British Columbia and services the local area of Burnaby, the Greater Vancouver area, Island, Squamish, Whistler, Interior and beyond. She specializes in capturing creative portraits as well as documentary-style event photography bringing a unique storytelling experience in your imagery. Jamie is always willing to hear new ideas for projects so don't hold back on those awesome thoughts.