SVP Global Summit 2019

Vancouver conference photography doesn’t always mean focused faces listening to serious presentations. While a lot of learning and growing happens during a conference, there are many impactful moments that pop up and it’s my job as a photographer to find them.

During my 3 days, I photographed inspirational speakers challenge ideas on change and bettering our world. We kicked off the event in song and dance led by Janis Campbell. Throughout the week, attendees learned about creativity, funding, equality and there even was one on photography! Guess which room I loved hanging out in?

As a Vancouver Event Photographer, I aim to capture captivating moments, expression, participation and emotion while remaining absolutely ninja silent! My goal is to be a part of your event so that your guests feel comfortable with a camera being around which results in photographs that show your company from a people and culture perspective.

Jamie Poh | Vancouver Event Photographer

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  1. Wonderful, candid images, Jamie!

    Terrill 1 year ago Reply

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