Medina Cafe Event Photography | Lezervations YVR XVIII

What I love best about event photography is capturing the ambiance of the evening. Networking is something that puts me in that state of panic. You want me to walk up to strangers and introduce myself? No thanks!

I’ve been working with Isabelle, the brain behind Lezervations for just about a year now and I must say, she puts on a good event. She’s got an excellent taste for great restaurants and menu options and the vibe of every event has been amazing. I find that the toughest part of networking is mustering up the courage to walk up to someone to say hi. What do you even talk about? I don’t really want to talk about myself all evening. The great part of Lezervations is that at every event, there is a question or topic on your name tag. This time around, the topic was “My big news”. This gives you time before the event to write something on it that others can see and serves as a great ice breaker.

Each event offers a unique experience and this time, a volunteer had put together a great game for everyone to play before dinner started. Inside envelopes were little cut out pieces of cardboard of a postcard. Each person was given an envelope at the start of the evening and when she yelled go, everyone had to pull out their puzzle piece and search for their new friends who had all the other pieces to complete their puzzle. The restaurant erupted in chaos and all you could hear was yelling of locations (they were postcards of popular states and monuments).

Medina Cafe offers an industrial but cozy feel to a dinner party. All meals were served family-style which is rare to see but amazing to be able to share amongst table mates. The evening went so well that everyone lost track of time. Soon dessert was served – you can’t go wrong with waffles and lavender chocolate sauce!!

Jamie Poh | Vancouver Event Photographer

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