meet jamie

Jamie is an award-winning, published and Nationally Accredited Professional Photographer of Canada with a background in Digital Film & Video production.

Throughout her career, she has worked in several industries ranging from Food Safety & Preparation, Customer Service & Sales, Business Administration to Film Production, Business Portraiture and Documentary Event Photography. This experience makes her an asset in many fields when it boils down to understanding the type of content required for different individuals and businesses. Her passions lie in inspiring others through the medium of photography and her keen eye for detail and expression results in images that are captivating, filled with emotion and tell a story.

Jamie is a quiet leader approaching each project with a deeper level of planning in mind beyond visuals. She works with you by getting to know you and what your dreams & goals are for your photography to create a strong brand & culture message.

In her spare time, she loves a challenging hike up to beautiful viewpoints and spending time in her garden. She'll never pass off an opportunity to check out local festivals, watch Cirque Du Soleil perform and head out on new adventures. When she is able to, she makes sure to give back by volunteering her time and supporting local & international causes.