why jmeshoots?

Choosing a corporate photographer can be a daunting task. With so many to pick from, how do you even begin figuring out who is the best fit? I say, consider the style that matches your brand the most, look into their About page to make sure that your personalities could jive and lastly, book a call to chat about how they can help customize a package that fits what your company needs. Below are a few reasons why jmeshoots is a great fit for you.


Getting to know you and about your company beforehand is important to me as it allows me to draw up ideas and ensure that your portrait or event is captured the way you envision it. We'll hop on the phone for a quick call to get to know each other and chat about your photographs.


Being personable and adapting to the vibe of your event and guests is important to me as this allows me to get better photographs.

silent shooting

Jamie offers silent shutter coverage during events where there's a high level of focus and not a lot of ambient sound. Nothing is more distracting than the click click of a shutter in a quiet room. 


Jamie has liability and equipment insurance to ensure we're covered.

social previews

We live in a busy world. Having images to share online is important to gain engagement right after your event happens. Social Media previews can be requested at a special rate.


Jamie is a Nationally Accredited Professional Photographer and always shoots with competition in mind. She follow the basic principals of photography by ensuring the best creativity, lighting, composition and story. Additionally, a lot of thought is put into an image based on your goal for these photographs.

online delivery

Access your images anywhere that you have access to an internet connection. Gallery access is available for 6 months.

24 hour portraits

Your single selection headshot session edit is completed and delivered to you within 24 hours so you have that headshot ready to go for all your profiles.

black + white edits

Not all images look great in black + white, but Jamie loves the story that it offers. Black + white images allows you to focus on the moment in busy scenes. All your sessions come with an extra folder of black + white edits included.

will travel

Jamie is based in Burnaby, BC but is a willing traveller and offers coverage within the Greater Vancouver Region and beyond. For any travel coverage beyond 150km roundtrip, travel fees may apply.

client review

Headshot of lady wearing a black top with arms crossed"I can't share enough good things about my work with Jamie! I'm an introvert, so I wanted someone I could immediately feel comfortable with, and who could help me open up, goof around and figure out how to pose for a photograph -- all of which Jamie did. She also helped me get clearer on my brand and brand story and how I want to visually represent my business (which I suck at). She looked through my website and social media and asked for what specifically I needed images - something that no other photographer had done before and I found immensely helpful. I was very happy with the images she produced and feel I got great value. Best of all, she always responded quickly to my emails, had a quick turnaround time, and has continued to be helpful with questions I've had here and there since our photoshoot. Thanks Jamie and I look forward to working with you more!" - Rebecca Beaton, Career Coach