When we chat, be prepared to dig deep and chat about what stories you’d like to tell through your imagery. Our shots are based off 3-5 stories that you’d like to share with your potential clients. This can be directly related to your business and brand or it could also be personal or family-related.



All branding sessions come with a mini headshot session to ensure you get a base portrait that can be your main profile photo on your website and Social Media accounts.


multiple locations

Half and full-day sessions will offer enough time for us to travel to multiple locations if needed.


products + services

We’ll go a little closer into what you sell whether that’s a specific product or service. Don’t tell physical product? We can capture items that might have to do with the services you sell such as your favourite books or accessories that are a part of a bigger story


for the web

Ever run into issues with cropping when it comes time to get your photographs onto your website? We’ll take the time to discuss what type of shots you’d like to see on your website to ensure we have the proper crops available in your final deliverables so you won’t need to worry about formatting later on. Single time custom crop dimensions available upon request.


styled edits

Branding between companies are obviously different. This is why you’ll be offered a styled edit to match the look you’re going for.


untouched edits

More of a DIY type person? For a special rate, you can receive your final deliverables with just basic edits (White balance, tones, etc). These images are neutral so that you can apply your custom edits to them yourself.

Vancouver Personal Branding Photography | Seven25
Personal Branding Photography | Michele Mateus
Personal Branding Session | Rebecca Beaton
Potluck Catering Branding Photography
Surrey Personal Branding Photography | Winters Weather Knits