Potluck Catering Branding Photography

Potluck Catering Branding Photography

Whatever size your business is, having photographs to show what you have to offer really adds a level of trust, I got to go behind the scenes at Potluck Catering can capture what a day in the life of a chef is like in their kitchen.

I love capturing photos of environments with honesty as it really tells the story of what’s going on. During our session at Potluck, I worked around the chefs in the kitchen. This meant I followed in the way they moved around the kitchen carefully capturing their process and final products. The staff at Potluck were so great to work with and every dish is put together with such care. One one end of the kitchen, we had staff putting together simple salads. On the other, someone was crafting delicious looking sandwiches that would be placed into little kraft take out boxes with a drink and treat. I’m getting hungry writing about this! The best part out of all this is that Potluck Catering is in this to help people.

To quote what they’re all about:

The mission of Potluck Café Society is to transform lives by creating jobs and providing healthy food for people living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Jamie Poh | Vancouver Branding Photography

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