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Personal branding photography sessions are a step up from your basic headshot session. For Michele of Michele Mateus Photography, life isn’t perfect. She embraces this in stride though!

She has a kind heart, a free spirit and there never is a dull moment in the Mateus household especially not with her son Maxwell (named after Max in Where the Wild Things are – how awesome!?) and new addition to the family, her golden doodle, Ruby (or as Maxwell says, “Rooooovy”). It’s a good thing she’s got a cool and calm husband to balance the mix!

Michele pours her heart into her work as a Wedding & Family Photographer and loves a bright and joyful feel to her imagery. When we shot her session in her home studio in Coquitlam, we covered the basics such as her albums, prints, and frames that are beautifully displayed but also added a little touch of personal flair. We had tea in one of her favourite tea cups, flipped through the one and only family album of memories that she has (a true family treasure!) and chit chatted about her jewellery collection from her travels and gifts from her late mother.

To wrap up our session, of course, a little mug of wine and ice cream (how could you go wrong?)

Edit: This gallery was custom edited to match Michele’s Brand. Opt out from styled edits if you’d love to edit your own images or have Jamie edit them to her style.

Jamie Poh | Vancouver Personal Branding Photographer

Jamie is a Nationally Accredited Professional Photographer of Canada with a history of experience in not just photography but business administration, corporate environments and sales. This experience helps with photography in both small business sessions as well as larger corporate events. Being a small business owner herself, she works with you to help create imagery to fit your target market and ensure that your story is told in the best way possible.

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