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Personal branding photography is a collection of photographs that speak true to who you are as a person, a business and a brand. This doesn’t mean the same old styled photos that you see on stock sites. This session is unique to you and your style.

Isabelle runs Seven25. She and her team work with entrepreneurs to design brands + ventures that improve lives. She believes that entrepreneurs can run sustainable businesses while doing good and impact the world in a positive way – awesome.

It makes me really glad to work with such amazing people who are constantly finding ways to improve the world, be better people and inspire others to do the same. It’s something that I’m constantly thinking about and looking to include within my work and what I do as a photographer so working with likeminded people fuels the energy to keep working at it.

For Isabelle’s branding session, we kept things very organic and more street photography style as she too is a lover of travel and street photography. We hit up some spots where she spends a lot of time, Prado Cafe, Trout Lake and also her home studio in Vancouver. Her partner flew out to be a part of the session too! We wrapped things up at her home studio with a few shots for her new podcast, Design Influence. Be sure to check it out!

Can I also mention that Isabelle is the founder of Lezervations, a non-profit networking dinner to facilitate connections within the queer community in not just Vancouver but also Toronto, San Francisco and New York. How she does all this is beyond me! She must be superwoman.

Jamie Poh | Vancouver Personal Branding Photographer

Jamie is a Nationally Accredited Professional Photographer of Canada with a history of experience in not just photography but business administration, corporate environments and sales. This experience helps with photography in both small business sessions as well as larger corporate events. Being a small business owner herself, she works with you to help create imagery to fit your target market and ensure that your story is told in the best way possible.

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