What is Personal Brand Photography?

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To figure out what Personal Brand Photography, we must first understand what is Personal Brand.


Many people ask me what a Personal Brand Session really means. What will we photograph? This is less apparent to people in service-based industries versus product-based industries.


Personal Brand simply put is, “What people think of you and your business.”. When you first visit a website of say a new health food store, what elements are you looking for in order for that business to help you with an issue you’re trying to solve. How do they build trust?


In business, we have a couple of main ways to communicate with our audience, online and in person.


Let’s face it, we only have a limited number of hours a day to meet people. And as great as networking could be for your business, networking every single day is probably not going to happen. Let’s say you do head out to a networking event and you hand out a few cards to people who are interested in you and what you have to offer. When they get to your website, will they get the same feel of you there as your in-person interaction? Are you consistent?


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A Personal Brand Session will offer you a variety of photo types:

  • Professional photos of yourself (in other terms, a Headshot or Business portrait depending on your line of work)
  • Photos of items that you might be selling (For product-based industries)
  • Photos of items that might relate to your likes, dislikes,  your story (These are personal tidbits that your client might relate to)
  • Lifestyle images of interactions between 2 or more people


It will also offer you:

  • The ability to reach your online audience
  • To gain trust with people you otherwise would not be able to meet in a day


Did you know that posts with people in them do 40% better than ones without?



Who are Personal Brand Photography Sessions for?

Personal Branding Sessions are not large commercial shoots. This type of shoot is great for Small – Medium businesses, businesses in their 1-3 year mark looking to gain a good bank of photographs to pull form for marketing or businesses in their 5-10 year mark looking for a refresh in their imagery. This is great for people looking to have a base of images for their website as well as Social Media outlets such as Facebook or Instagram.



Jamie Poh | Vancouver Personal Branding Photographer

Jamie is a Nationally Accredited Professional Photographer of Canada with a history of experience in not just photography but business administration, corporate environments and sales. This experience helps with photography in both small business sessions as well as larger corporate events. Being a small business owner herself, she works with you to help create imagery to fit your target market and ensure that your story is told in the best way possible.

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