Mr James is Dead

Crazy8s, filmmaking on steroids. I was honored to have been chosen to be on a film making team in 2020 to cover BTS and Film Stills and what an amazing production to work on! What I love about capturing BTS is the unpredictability of all lighting situations but magic always happens. I’m still continually amazed at how well a film crew comes together despite the moving pieces happening all at once. The level of teamwork that it takes to produce something amazing is high and yet despite the stresses on time, everyone comes together to pull it off.

Producer: Crazy8s , Luisa Muniz, Mara Cruz

Directors: Daniel Irving & Joshua Aries

DOP: Mitchell Baxter

Jamie Poh | Vancouver Stills Photographer

Jamie is a Nationally Accredited Professional Photographer of Canada with a diploma from the Art Institute of Vancouver’s Digital Film & Video Program. She brings a knowledge of film production and over 10 years of professional photography experience to the table and would love to discuss your needs for behind the scenes and stills photography.

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