Inner Compass Branding Session

When you’re in a room with Jarett of Inner Compass Mindset Coaching, you feel an uplift in spirit.


For his personal branding session, we captured a series of professional portraits to best show his personality. Jarett believes that there is no dream too big for you to achieve as long as you can put your heart and mind into it.


The natural light in his office provided a fresh and bright look and I loved the simplicity of the white and grey walls. For me, personal branding doesn’t just stop at portraits. If you’re a service-based business, you likely work and interact with people. During our design session, we talk through your potential shot list and what we can achieve in the amount of time you’d like to schedule for a session. Sessions come in half-day or full-day increments and I recommend we start at a full day if it’s your first time so we can get a large chunk of your branding done in one go.


For Jarett’s interaction pieces, we captured both a boardroom presentation as well as what it would be like for a client session as well as virtual client session (because many of our clients are online now!)


Every session can be custom-tailored to fit your wants and needs. Be sure to reach out to book a call with Jamie to see if we’re the right fit and to share your dreams and aspirations for your personal brand session.


Jamie Poh | Coquitlam Personal Branding Photographer

Jamie is a Nationally Accredited Professional Photographer of Canada with a history of experience in not just photography but business administration, corporate environments and sales. This experience helps with photography in both small business sessions as well as larger corporate events. Being a small business owner herself, she works with you to help create imagery to fit your target market and ensure that your story is told in the best way possible.

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