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During Alia’s consultation, she voiced that she wanted images that showed the reality of what it was like being a working mom.


As we discussed potential shot ideas, I realized she wanted a documentary style of photography which I was super excited about. Rather than a shot list of guided shots, instead, we structured her session by location in her home and made sure that each section covered off each of the themes she wanted to communicate; working mom, balancing mom and work life, mom guilt and family to name a few.


Together with Jen, our awesome Social Media strategist, we crafted a variety of shots to strengthen her Social Media game.


Every personal brand session is slightly different and we work together to create a unique set of images that make sense for you and your brand. This is everything from the vibe of your photos to visual editing style.


Blueprint Law provides Legal Coaching Strategies and Solutions.


Jamie Poh | Vancouver Personal Branding Photographer

Jamie is a Nationally Accredited Professional Photographer of Canada with a history of experience in not just photography but business administration, corporate environments and sales. This experience helps with photography in both small business sessions as well as larger corporate events. Being a small business owner herself, she works with you to help create imagery to fit your target market and ensure that your story is told in the best way possible.

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