personal branding photography

A personal branding photography session is your business portrait session x10. We work together to craft a series of photographs specific to your online content and work together to create imagery that matches 1-5 stories both business and personal. If your goal is to elevate your brand and best communicate who you are and how you service your clients, this is the collection to go with.


products + services

We’ll go a little closer into what you sell whether that’s a specific product or service. Don’t sell physical product? We can capture items that might have to do with the services you sell such as your favourite books or accessories that are a part of a bigger story.


for the web

My goal is to make your life easier. I never want you to end up with a folder of files only to find that you now need to resize them. You’ll receive a download link for your files readily formatted for the web. On top of that, single time Social Media and custom crops are available so you know your images are ready for spots like Profile Photos and Instagram (square crops and all!)


quarterly content

Running out of content to post means your feeds aren’t consistent. Viewers and potential clients pick up on that. Each branding session is formatted to include enough imagery for at least 1 quarter so you can put your mind at ease when it comes to scheduling your content and ensuring your viewers are engaged. Jamie will work with you to create 60-90 final images based on what makes sense for your business.


styled edits

Branding between companies are obviously different. This is why you’ll be offered a styled edit to match the look you’re going for.


book a chat

The best way for us to know if we’re a good fit is to hop on the phone to learn more about each other and for me to know what you’re looking for in your photographs. Get in touch.

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